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After years of crafting websites for my customers I’m really excited to finally bring my personal website online. This website will showcase all my latest exciting projects and I’m going to share my experience in blog post like these all useful tips and tricks of what’s happening in today’s tech trend.

As a UI/UX designer, my primary responsibility is to create engaging user experiences for our clients’ digital products. This can involve everything from crafting intuitive interfaces and conducting user research, to creating prototypes and testing different design concepts. To be successful in this role, I need to have strong technical skills as well as a solid understanding of the principles of UI and UX design. In addition, I must be able to collaborate closely with others on my team, whether that’s bridging the gap between design and development or working with clients to analyze their needs and come up with creative solutions. Overall, being a UI/UX designer in Mauritius is an exciting and rewarding challenge, and one that I look forward to tackling every day!

A big shoutout goes to Freedom Creative Studio for the amazing video he made just below.

The video is dope isn’t it? So get yourself one by contacting Dominique and tell him xavï referred you…. you might get a discount. 😄

Well, that’s it for now. Watch this space for some amazing content.

Xavier Coiffic
Xavier Coiffic
UX/UI Designer from Mauritius
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